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Fond memories of Pakistan and shopping

Not long back from our trip to Karachi, Pakistan for my dear friend’s wedding, I’ve returned with lots of lovely memories, great photographs and fondness for the extended family I’ve met who have been nothing but welcoming and kind to us during our stay. Out of respect for the bride who does not wish for her wedding photos to be published on the Internet, here are some photos which I’ve taken from the 4-day event which I feel are safe to share (and yes, they are my own photos, so please respect my ownership and if you take any of my photos, please credit my blog for it):

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Bangle shopping, Karachi

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Wearing the traditional shalwar kameez

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Mehndi on the eve of Nikah

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Mehndi the next day

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The detail to the clothing and the significance of the colours used for each ceremony was inspiring and so comfortable! I already miss wearing the outfits and going shopping for inexpensive but lovely things…

On that note, just a quick note to say that I finally got my new coveted Blackberry Z10! With the new OS 10 (I’m still using OS 6 on the Blackberry Torch 9800), it takes some getting used to, but already I’m having tonnes of fun with it!

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Also passing my Waterstone’s and I’m reminded of the new recipe book out from the Hummingbird Bakery, ‘The Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home: 100 new recipes for baking brilliance’:

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£11, Amazon UK

Anyone else feeling inspired to bake or go shopping?


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